Empowering Visions

Empowering Visions Through Collaboration and Education

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The Dark Horse Project

A Media Company Empowering Visions Through Collaboration and Education

The Dark Horse Project is a media company on a mission to impact the world with goodness, to bring people together, empower communities and foster growth. Speaking to a variety of audiences ranging from growth minded high performers and lifelong learners, to innovators, makers and creators, from the best horseman in the world to the kid just starting to ride and from neighborhood markets to global communities. The Dark Horse Project aims to produce award winning media and educational content, develop creative collaborative spaces and provide educational opportunities, while promoting wellness and sustainability.

At the heart of The Dark Horse Project is a community of influencers, innovators, creators, makers and business pioneers. A community whose mission is to foster growth, provide support and create connection among its members, communities and industries.

“Empowering Visions” embodies the spirit of The Dark Horse Project to create an atmosphere of inclusion and engagement, while creating experiences, projects and opportunities that positively influence and impact the World.

Dark Horse Digital Media

Dark Horse Digital Media is the digital media production department of The Dark Horse Project and is responsible for production of media content for the project, its subsidiaries, brands, partners and clients.

Our digital media team LOVE’S to manage and create content for live events, video and audio production, website development, app/software development, social media scheduling, as well as project management and online marketing.

Dark Horse Network

Developed by The Dark Horse Project as an online collaboration and education platform the Dark Horse Network is the virtual location of the project. Providing content, solutions and education to a variety of audiences through multiple brands, products, services, communities and events. The Dark Horse Network’s aim is to be a centralized hub of empowerment, inspiration and resources.

DHP Equine

DHP Equine’s purpose is developing a curriculum that empowers, supports and inspires horsemanship, wellness and collaboration in the equine industry. Speaking to audiences across the industry from recreational equine enthusiasts to Olympic level athletes, from the small local business owner to global event companies and the service providers in between, from the kid dreaming of riding to the therapist working with horses to empower people. DHP Equine seeks to be a gathering place where members share knowledge, peer support is championed and the community is empowered.

Ocala Campus [Coming Soon]

Located in Ocala, Florida the “Horse Capital of the World” and only a few miles from the World Equestrian Center, The Dark Horse Project’s Ocala Campus is first a gathering space with the purpose of Empowering Visions through collaboration and education. Secondly the Ocala Campus is the headquarters for media company The Dark Horse Project and includes in-house production studios, multi-use collaboration/learning spaces, equine event facilities and guest center amenities.